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Message Subject The Answer lies in Cancer.
Poster Handle stillhere
Post Content
My interpretation…..The constellation “Cancer” it’s symbol looks like yin/yang or 69 and the moon is it’s planet.

Seashell nautilus, spiral, Donnie Darko—worm holes…..

Star, Movie knowing—end of earth—children saved to re-populate new world

Lighthouse—light, warning, light in sky

Watchman—Manhattan project, hydrogen in head—symbol

Capricorn—starts Dec 22

Shutter Island—MK Ultra mind control

Vertigo, deceived, mind control victim also?

Rubic’s cube—puzzle

Eggs in Teflon—fluoride


In coming space object from direction of Cancer in year of rabbit, et’s, people deceived, children being taken…. ELF’s used to deceive…..
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