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Message Subject The Answer lies in Cancer.
Poster Handle He_who_supplants
Post Content
To elaborate, to shed duality is to re-embrace unity, to KNOW and not THINK WE KNOW. Our brothers and sisters from the stars were trying to teach us this. They're trying again right now to remind us of our truest and fullest potential. Time is running out, fellow spirits. See past your physicality, don't neglect it but shed the veils of who you think you are and become who, deep down, you KNOW you are. This is what awakening means. I AM ME. I AM YOU. I AM. And I AM FREE. Look with the eyes of the observer. Hear with the ears that are not biased. Do not let your thoughts get in the way of the truth. This is coming from an intellectual that has recently made a decisive blow against/for/toward integrating his EGO into the infinite. To any of you who don't believe. I control my reality, quite successfully. Believe me or don't. I have nothing to prove. Nothing to gain, nothing to lose. Just to experience. Know thyself, and you'll know the universe, for without you, these vibrations we perceive would vibrate without reason. And I say we as the unit of consciousness we are all a part of. Yes UNIT. Read about the hundreth monkey experiment for "proof". Any questions? I'll do my best not to speak cryptically.
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