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Message Subject The Answer lies in Cancer.
Poster Handle Angel Helper
Post Content
Continuing from the book...


Berossus... affirms that the whole issue is brought about by the course of the planets. So positive is he that he assigns a definite date both for the conflagration and the deluge. All that the earth inherits will, he assures us, be consigned to flame when the planets, which now move in different orbits, all assemble in Cancer, so arranged in one row that a straight line may pass through their spheres.

When the same gathering takes place in Capricorn, then we are in danger of the deluge.
(Berossus Babylonica, cited in Seneca, Naturales Quaestiones, 3. 28 7-3. 29)

So a planetary alignment would surely also be considered an important celestial herald for the writers of the Bible.
The combined textual evidence presented above thus suggests that the seven stars held in the hand of Jesus - which represent the keys of the bottomless pit described in chapters 9 and 20 of the Apocalypse, are in fact an alignment of the seven classical planets.

So the theory I present in the book - that the seven heads of the Dragon described as being part of the "great sign seen in heaven" in Rev 12 represent the alignment of planets on 5th May 2000, appears to have a wealth of supporting evidence.

The only way we can identify it as such, is by the close proximity of this event to the appearance of the other astronomical and geophysical phenomena described at the opening of the sixth seal in Rev 6 - an earthquake, solar and lunar eclipses and a meteor shower, all occurring at the turn of the millennium, and accompanied by the "blood, fire and columns of smoke" mentioned in the Book of Joel - which corresponds to the events of 9/11 (see the earlier post The Two Towers and the Sixth Seal).

Signs which both Joel (and by extension Acts) associates with the arrival of the Second Pentecost towards the end of the world - an event which occurs at the end-time defeat of Satan:
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