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Message Subject The Answer lies in Cancer.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This thread has intrigued me... TY OP!

On re-reading some posts, this time, these two jumped out at me.

Is the last image "watchman"....still not getting it.

At least say if the Cancer is the disease or the star sign.

O, I'm getting it is the star sign because of the Crab which is from Cancer.....

What is the question?

Is it in the sky? Or in the "story" about Cancer, or a date?
 Quoting: stillhere

AND the reply

To "StilHere"... It's both! Use the left and right part of your brain at the same time. This is not a clear cut, easily identifiable topic. Thank you for your contributions so far!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23207326

OP's answer is intriguing and I think needs more contemplation.

Many wise people believe that the Earth is a living, breathing organism in it's own right. We humans have taken it for granted and despite obvious signs have ignored the harm we have done and continue to do to it.

It's not just CO2 but more seriously the toxins we have combined in such things as plastics and then allowed them to escape back into the environment. Pollutants like plastics, petro-chemicals & nuclear waste & many human activities have had a devastating effect on the Earth and other species on the Earth..

In effect we are killing our home. To this degree we could be likened to a Cancer, a virus or any other destructive mechanism.

I have read on many threads that the earth is far more important to the greater Universe, and other beings that inhabit this and other Universes, than we terrestrial humans know.

We in effect are very ignorant.

How can we be corrected if we won't even notice the damage we are doing on a daily basis? How can we be corrected when the world has become so corrupt that even knowing what we have done doesn't change our ways?

What if we the Earth & the human experiment was like an antfarm and you were the antfarm owner?

Would you spend the hours and hours, (or in this case millions of years), trying to fix the problems that one species of ant created, or, would you just remove the ants and start again? Afterall the antfarm still exists and it is easier to work on an uninhabited antfarm.

Would you save some of the specimens and rebuild the farm so that the necessary goals were achieved by saving some of the ants?

How would you select the ants to be saved?

Now imagine we are a fish tank. We have beautiful surrounds, (even though we would confined and I hate fish tanks for that reason), and freshly filtered and oxygenated water.

In the fish tank we put lots of neons and smaller fish and a few bigger angel fish. Each day we notice some of the smaller fish disappearing. One by one the various species we had chosen disappeared.

Suddenly it dawns on us it is the Angel fish wiping out all the other species.

Would you keep replenishing the species being wiped out, knowing they will fall prey to the angel fish again, OR would you remove the angel fish to a new tank where they can do less harm?

This is what the film "Knowing" could be showing.

I stated in one of my posts that we were only shown a pair of children and a pair of rabbits being taken, although when they arrived on the destination planet it seemed man y spaceships had made the same journey.

Breeding pairs are a Yin and Yang.

They didn't take the very intelligent and awakened adult. Would we human adults be too much trouble to reprogram or correct?

Deep down in our DNA, or our souls, or our other organs we know things aren't right. Somehow science settled on the term "Junk DNA" to describe the 98% of DNA that we just don't know what it does, even though the concept of junk DNA has now been debunked. Are the answers in there, but is it too late to discover those answers?

So to the awakening... Have we been awakened too late? Maybe yes, but also maybe no. Iím using things like this to live every day as my last day. I want to cherish those I love, assist those I can and to be as kind as I can to all the inhabitants of Earth.

The constellation Cancer also would enable other things in the film "Knowing" to be realised. A Kill Shot from an exploding Supa Nova perhaps? Or something that triggers something from our sun?

A gamma ray burst from a Neutron star perhaps?

All of the above is just speculation, and food for thought, but the astrological dates for Capricorn, (the star sign opposite to Cancer - another Yin yang of 69 on it's side), the Mayan Calendar, the Hopi teachings and other prophecy to me at least seems most worthy of consideration.

I've really enjoyed reading everyone's inputs on this thread.

Thank you!
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