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Message Subject The Answer lies in Cancer.
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
It's irrelevant.

DNA is just a part of the cosmic dust, mud, with some exotic song/sound/energy patterns in it, its a kind of software programming.

But we're the Family who are the programmers. Or rather a part this Family, more like the children of.

And we're way superior to anything in the artificial, simulated reality, DVD we've entered, or you could call it, a dusty old scroll, or maybe a movie in school the class is shown, and all would be good metaphors for a technology that is far more advanced than any of these things and "feels" organic and natural.

But its just a dream, a program.

This dna, is from a low frequency school, its not your home, you haven't spent your eternity here, nor will you continue your eternity here, nor will you have this dna any longer.

So just pass the love test, work hard for that one.

Love and Equality is all that matters.

You are a soul. You are driving an older model t ford vehicle currently. If you get over the negative harm of this world and care about everyone, then you'll be driving a much nicer model, maybe even be free the fake models altogether and wake up in the real world back home.

Radiation means nothing. And there is nothing ET needs from you here, the arks aren't Higher Level vessels they belong to low levels and they're all in tests too.

Where we come from and where we're going is way over the heads of peter pans lost boys, who refuse to grow up, and who remind me of the guy in the matrix, selling his crew out for the artificial steak.
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