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Message Subject The Answer lies in Cancer.
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
Now Peter Pan, that reminds me of something.

Many of the mystery school ppl talk about BALANCE.

[link to cliffff.org]

That is the starting point of the testing ground where it all was pure and a perfect reflection. Then the interactive school takes over.

They always want everyone to go back to the reset, the beginning, and do it all over again. Over and over again, never ending slavery again, and again. Balance.

Well sorry, but that is the start, but not where you should be when its pencils down.

It's like Groundhog Day, the movie, you don't get up and out until you get it right.

You have to fly out, defy the gravity and dark star of harm.

Overcome it.

You have to be light as a feather.

Peter Pan: What are your happy thoughts? You need your happy thoughts to fly!

That is unless there is a time when the universe notices the bullies are cheating and harming the students and then they can actually step in and heal, free, progress people.
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