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Message Subject The Answer lies in Cancer.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i am halfway thru my second overview of thread.
good to see OP back, hope it is actual one.

early part of tread seems to deal with the stars/constellations.
cancer/the crab or crustacean.. lepus/rabbit..
and their relationship or alignment with the moon

if someone could give dates of when these alignments happen, that would be appreciated.

something was said by OP.. "a bite from YOU is not the threat"
now, both constellations are near Orion/hunter? i think?
well, i saw the Lepus was below his feet.
and cancer above his head.
crabs/lobsters dont bite, although a bite is not the threat.
the rabbit/YOU are not the threat.
maybe humans and rabbits are relative..a connection there.
which was pressed upon with the 'knowing' photo.

also, im not just thinking the entire constellations, but maybe particular stars within those constellations.

it didnt seem that OP could or wanted to confirm or deny any theories.
i just wonder if that is the case?
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