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Message Subject The Answer lies in Cancer.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
With a little bit of imagination this new crop circle could look like a crab with the big circles as the claws.

Could it be saying that after the event that will change things forever the Earth goes back into perfect balance?

If the bigger circle at the back is the sun... it could be suggesting our solar system will be very crowded soon.

[link to www.cropcircleconnector.com]

Any thoughts?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1190661

What if it has something to do with religion?
 Quoting: Kinga 23570095

I just watched "Knowing" and the conclusion from this movie reminds me of OP's quizz because there my be many interpretation.

Donnie seems to be drugged by BigPharma. We may be in some kind of trans state, illusion... We may be some kind of prisoners on planet Earth or within ourselves. Frank, the Rabbit was Donnie's ego which he saw in the mirror and OP said: "No ego".

I think Free Will and Self-Individuation process should be added to the answer. Some kind of Self-Revolution... We should be getting out of our shell (the crab) and revolve...

I checked again cancer icon/symbol with the pink ribbon which made me go back and back to look for the answer from medical point of view but now I noticed that this specific symbol is in a circle.

Sun, Earth, Moon, Cancer... Ancient Egypt... Should we also take a look at Giza Piramids?
 Quoting: Kinga 23570095

Well I think we should be looking everywhere including Egypt and the Pyramids... and more broadly the tombs.

All these ancient tall Gods standing over what appear to be smaller humans. Why did they build all the buildings with such tall ceilings?

Why aren't their hieroglyphs depicting Khufu as the builder of the great pyramid? Look at the other tombs in comparison.
That is why many doubt that pyramid is a tomb. The only markings found are alleged to be forgeries by a guy named Colonel Howard Vyse from back in 1837.

The star map in the shaft I gave the video for earlier is a new discovery and can't have been added after it was built to our knowledge.

Was OP suggesting that locked inside of us all we have the answers BUT somehow we are denied access to that stored knowledge?

Have religions diverted us from true meanings of the past? Afterall all religions claim ownership of GOD, and yet GOD can't be owned.

If the Pyramids are resonance chambers what other things has sound affected. For instance we now know that all the planets have a frequency that differs from each other.

[link to www.lunarplanner.com]

What other effects of sound are we missing? Is the Universe or ET's trying to tell us something using sound and light that we just can't interpret?

What are all these booming noises from around the planet telling us? Is Earth communicating with us but we just can't understand?

I once ran many of the diagrams of crop circles through a sound program to see if i could get anything meaningful as a hidden message. Maybe I didn't persevere long enough but I got nothing that helped me.

OP we need your help... Please come back!
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