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Message Subject The Answer lies in Cancer.
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
The gates... Creator, God, Men, Soul... Easter Bunnies... Second coming of Christ?

[link to trianglebook.weebly.com]
 Quoting: Kinga 23570095

Thanks for all the links and information Kinga. I shall check it all out when I can.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1190661


I found this from his link I found interesting...

Symbolically, the Temple of Wisdom is built by the serpent, Kundalini energy -- a human electro-biochemical reaction. One's humanity is transmuted into gold through enlightenment. Thus, initiation is experiential and involves dangerous ordeals of life, death (of the ego) and catharsis. We awaken to a whole new world within us -- the universe within.

Rituals of secret societies have their origins in ancient rites of serpent-worship which literally and figuratively went underground in these groups with esoteric, gnostic and mystical leanings. The round tower is also related to the djed pillar or backbone of Osiris -- the kundalini serpent energy. Globally, many round towers have astronomical alignments.They also drew on the arcane knowledge of the serpent-worshipping Druids and Templars.

Serpent/Dragon Cult

Architect gods, such as Thoth and Hermes, are linked to the serpent wisdom cult. Thoth consecrated the linked species of dragons and serpents. The healing version of Thoth was symbolized by the serpent. Round towers are also huge resonant systems -- gateways to the other world.

Healing abilities of megalithic stones such as those found at Louisenlund are attributed to the serpent seen in the Phoenix Portal. The serpent/dragon is the symbol of eternity and immortality.

The labyrinth -- the womb of the Mother Goddess -- is a stylized symbol of the initiatory serpentine way from death to resurrection. The path to the center leads to the hidden treasure -- the original self, the clear light or primordial awareness without content. In this state, time stops or is utterly suspended from its ever-cycling nature. The true temple is within.

Portals or gateways to the "land of serpents" were places of mystery and rebirth. One enters the serpent and goes through it to be resurrected, much like Osiris. Abraham's name is derived from Ab Ram, "exalted snake," and the same can be said of the magus Abramelin and Hiram, Ahi-Ram. Brahmin is not unrelated as a title, rather than a personal name. When Hiram was slain, his jewel was found and placed on a triangular altar in a secret vault under Solomon's Temple.



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