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Message Subject The Answer lies in Cancer.
Poster Handle Kinga
Post Content
The answer lies in Cancer... Perhaps, it lies in M1 Supernova, Crab Nebula...

Symbolic HUNAB KU.

[link to www.feandft.com]

Scarab represents the crossing of the Ecliptic and Milky Way near Sagittarius-Scorpio nexus = Grand Cross = December 21, 2012. Its meaning, and the metaphorical meaning of the death of a sun, the rebirth of a universe, and the Mayan Prophecy of the return of the God Quetzalcoatl.

”The Mayans teach that human consciousness is empowered and held stable by a threefold process. First, the energy of consciousness is emitted at an extraordinarily high level from the center of the Milky Way galaxy, which they call Hunab Ku. That energy is then received and "digested" by our Sun, and re-transmitted to the Earth. Then, this energy is received by the Earth, and "digested" one final time for humans (and all planetary life) to receive. When the Grand Cross happens on December 21, and the Ecliptic plane of the orbits of all of the planets (including the Earth) crosses at right angles to the plane of the Milky Way galaxy, an energy interference takes place which temporarily "puts out" the Sun which is actually electromagnetic in nature and not fundamentally nuclear.”

The electromagnetic energy from the center of the galaxy will hit the Earth directly. Three days of darkness. "The dark night of the soul." How to survive it? "Hold onto God. Hold onto selfless love and compassion. Let yourself FEEL it."

Universal Consciousness For Humanity, Spiritual Initiation, Purification, Oneness with God. [link to www.greatdreams.com]

[link to www.susanrennison.com]

The Elctric Universe. Crab Pulsar electrically ejects axial jets.

[link to lempel.pagesperso-orange.fr]

The Crab Nebula. It almost seems like this nebula has a heartbeat rhythm.

[link to www.youtube.com]

Follow the white rabbit which also follows Orion, Jesus in the sky. The holy of hollies is a hole or tunnel (wormhole) that leads to the other side. The M1 nebula was named Crab, because its tentacle-like structure resembles the legs of a crab or a crustacean. A crab has 8 legs and two claws and its body mostly looks like a vesica piscis. The vesica piscis is the symbol that is used for Jesus Christ with a fish. The number 8 is the number of God according to numerology, and so the 8 legs would represent our Creator.

There is a lighthouse there that serves as a beacon of warning and as a memorial for all that perished in the last galactic core explosion. The Bible shows us where to look for this lighthouse, as it gives us markers to look at in the sky.

The Crab pulsar has a period of 33.4 milliseconds, and that was the exact age of Jesus Christ at the time of his crucifixion. The Crab pulsar is also located between the horns of Taurus, which is depicting the horns of the altar.

Is it a mere coincidence that this pulsar of 33.4ms is located at the exact place that the Bible and the Great Pyramid point out?

Is it a mere coincidence that it happens to pulse at Jesus age of crucifixion?

Is it a coincidence that it is located in the horns of the altar that the Book of Leviticus describes?

Is it a coincidence that it happens to be a very rare pulsar that emits in radio waves, light waves, x-rays and gamma rays?

Is it a coincidence that it is located in one of the twelve main constellations of the Zodiac?

If it is just a coincidence, than it is a perfect one in every way!
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