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Message Subject The Answer lies in Cancer.
Poster Handle Nakhet
Post Content
Scarab.. crab
Exoskeleton. Our first layer is the skeleton, the deepest.. the soul maybe.
So.. the exoskeleton being a symbol of the soul.
Does the moon produce/control our souls somehow?
Or be it that they are produced from the cancer constellation.

Native American Rabbit Symbolism

Rabbit, like Coyote, Raven and Crow, is considered trickster by some Native American tribes. Nanabozho or Manabozho, Great Hare, is a powerful figure found in some stories. Nanabozho is a hero, creator of the earth, supporter of humans, bringer of fire and light, and teacher of the sacred rituals. In others hes a clown, a thief, or a sly predator, an amoral animal dancing on the boundary between the positive and negative.

To some tribes hes known as Fear Caller because he brings whatever he fears most to himself. Hell see Coyote and will tell him to stay away because hes afraid of him. When Coyote doesnt hear, Rabbit calls louder and louder until coyote notices, then preys on him.
[link to suite101.com]

Remember bugs bunny?
The moon can seem to have a rabbit on it.
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