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Message Subject The Answer lies in Cancer.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
some thoughts...

there are 3 water signs. the fish, (water), the scorpion, (land) and the crab (land and water,or beach). a beach is a very narrow strip of land between the large mass of water and large area of land.

this is a water planet. water is necessary for life. the 3 water signes each have some reference to PI. PIsces, scorPIo and cancer, who's symbol is a Yin Yang.

the fish and the scorpion are near the equinoxes - representing the balancing influence of extremes. cancer, the crab is summer time when the sun/son is highest in the sky. the fish and the scorpion are related to the poles or extremes. the crab takes the middle ground between the tropics of cancer and capricorn, similar to the crab living on the beach - never venturing too far onto land, or too deep into the water.

jc, the sun/son preached the 'beatitudes', bea being the first 3 leters of beach. the beehive cluster is found in cancer (bees), and there was a popular band called the beatles (beetles, as in scarab/bee/bea). the beehive cluster is also called 'the manger' or M44. Forty-four is a tribonacci number, a happy number, an octahedral number and a palindromic number.

cancer also has two donkeys or asses. jc rode into jerusalem on a donkey. jc was crucified between two other men - each representing an opposing attitude/viewpoint. they were crucified as a trinity. this might also relate to the northern and southern asses.

cancer can be envisioned as a triangle, or trinity. it appears to straddle the ecliptic, some above, some below. like the crab that stays on the beach or the shallow water.

if you were to draw a circle around cancer and lines through each main star it would appear as the peace symbol commonly used in the 1960's.

there is also a crab nebula, discovered in 1054, M1 or M-ONE. in the center of the crab nebula is the crab pulsar which emits a signal ever 33 milliseconds - another number related to a trinity.

it is theorized by some that there are 3 suns in this solar system, 2 are inactive (saturn and jupiter).

my balls smell like m1 steak sauce :)
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