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Message Subject The Answer lies in Cancer.
Poster Handle boom there she is
Post Content
its the true tri power


O=cosmic feminine
I=masculine force
O=earthly feminine

from the 3 combined a new age is born and written

for cancer is the beauty of the heavens on earth

a cancer heart knows passion in its fullest form love

the symbol represents the moon and sun 6 and 9

but they are not the rulers of cancer

cancer rules the earth not the moon

the earths symbol is the 8 pointed star of navigation

the moon is a satellite and is to reflect the beauty of her upon earth

when the two symbols are combined they form the barred spiral pattern

but it takes oio to do it oio is the formula to manifest

the feminine cosmic consciousness upon earth via a dude

she is a true twin flame

the constellation and crab nebula are the damasking of this truth

the truth behind the lion and its false representation

for the mask has come off of the lion

the crab nebula holds the key to this fact

the constellation up right is that cosmic gate of consciousness

upside down it is a cup o wizdome hf
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