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Message Subject The Answer lies in Cancer.
Poster Handle WeAreOne
Post Content
If the answer is cancer the solution is sound and vibration.

The red/blue relate to acoustics. See:
[link to www.acousticecology.org]

In several species of American Fiddler Crabs, males use both visual and acoustical signals to find a mate. First, they perform their mating dance by waving their large claw in specific patterns. Then, at night, the male produces sounds from just inside his burrow to attract females. These sounds begin at a low rate, and then steadily increase in frequency.

Beetles rub body parts together to create sound. Mountain pine beetle have a “scraper” on their abdomen that they rub against a grooved surface on the underside of their left wing cover to create a sound that is not audible to humans. This is called “stridulating.” Once the female beetles have arrived on a suitable pine tree host, they begin to stridulate and produce aggregative pheromones to attract other unmated males and females.

The beetle appears to be holding up a cell. If so then this a representation of sound and matter in unity.

Curing Cancer
Georges Lakhovsky claimed to cure cancer by using sound waves:

His expressed philosophy was that “the amplitude of cell oscillations must reach a certain value, in order that the organism be strong enough to repulse the destructive vibrations from certain microbes.” He goes on to say, “The remedy in my opinion, is not to kill the microbes in contact with the healthy cells but to reinforce the oscillations of the cell either directly by reinforcing the radio activity of the blood or in producing on the cells a direct action by means of the proper rays.”

Lakhovsky’s Radio-Cellulo-Oscillator (RCO) produced low frequency ELF all the way through gigahertz radiowaves with lots of “extremely short harmonics.” He favored such a wide bandwidth device so that, “The cells with very weak vibrations, when placed in the field of multiple vibrations, finds its own frequency and starts again to oscillate normally through the phenomenon of resonance.” As a result, Lakhovsky’s RCO is now more often called MWO (multiple wave oscillator) for these reasons. The MWO uses a Tesla coil and special antenna with concentric rings that induce multiple sparks between them.
Link: [link to altered-states.net]

Donnie Darko
Time and space are not separate but part of the same unifying force. It is possible to travel huge distances in an instant by knowing the correct sound or frequency of the place (space or time) you wish to go. Quantum entanglement shows cells and DNA communicating outside of time and space so it is possible. If all points in time and space are connected then the film makes much more sense.

Shutter island is more about the lighthouse than the film I believe?

Watchmen's symbol is a proton and electron I believe? This would also tie into what I'm saying rather well.

The Rubix cube is symbolic for how we can change the structure of an element.

I'm not sure what else I've missed but you get the gist chuckle
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