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Message Subject Magnitude 9.8 Earthquake by December 8 2012
Poster Handle Solar Guardian
Post Content
Sumatra may be hit by a massive earthquake @ November 2012,
I saw on the blog:

[link to ohgituto.blogspot.com]

Do you have more information about this?

verysad verysad verysad
 Quoting: Tameera

Thread: I had a dream-Mag 9.5 EQ might strike Sumatra in the very near future!!

Like what I saw in my dream?? wtfviolinahhhahhhahhh
 Quoting: Solar Guardian

Nine point Five..?
OMG... it's “The Big One” earthquake as estimated friends in the our community.
but in the blog given the date of prediction, earthquake possibilities. In your dream what the island of Sumatra (overall) occurring earthquake, or just in a province only? whether the occurrence of the top, middle or bottom of sumatra island?
 Quoting: Tameera

In my dream the apartment I live in at Malaysia collapsed, and the ceiling fell on me. That means the event at Sumatra should have been pretty high in order to cause that sort of effect, perhaps Mag 9.5 is a minimum number to cause destruction to houses in neighboring Malaysia? Maybe the actual event will be close to Mag 9.8? tomatotomato
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