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Message Subject Have you been watching the show "Revolution"? I see similarities with a near future USA...here's what I see at this point.
Poster Handle eaglewolf
Post Content
I am not one for watching tv, but turned it on last night and was flipping through the useless channels, then came to this show..at first I had no idea what it was called or about...as I was watching it, I was thinking, wow this is just to weird...and at the end i said to myself..wtf why are they making a show now regarding the power going out...it almost felt like we are being warned......

The part where that guy was shot when they came and asked how he killed that animal and they are not allowed to have guns..then after he was shot the one guy pulls out an American Flag and the leader said burn it...That really pissed me off and at that point I realized just how real this could become by what is happening now. It was quite an unnerving show. It reminded me of the show Amerika from back in the day.
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