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Message Subject Have you been watching the show "Revolution"? I see similarities with a near future USA...here's what I see at this point.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Anyone remember the movie "escape from la" from the mid 90's? In the end they turn all the earths electricity off with a device. Ever since then I have always believed that scenario would take place eventually.

Having just gone through 6 days with no power during Isaac let me tell ya. It was ok for the first few days because it was overcast and cooler. But once the sun came out and heated things up? By day 6 we were about to lose it. And we were well prepared......

Imagine it happening worldwide. Not being able to talk to family in other places. Not being able to even connect with your friends who live in the same town. That alone will freak people out. Let alone the immediate food problems involved with power outage.

Last night about 20 minutes before revolution started our power went out. Came back on just in time to watch the show. I was a bit taken aback with the flag thing. I was thinking to myself. "oh we are going to go there are we?"

So far i like the show. A little predictable to me, but most tv is these days.
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