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Message Subject Have you been watching the show "Revolution"? I see similarities with a near future USA...here's what I see at this point.
Poster Handle eaglewolf
Post Content
What everyone should be aware of is that the bible speaks of this very event. The Nemesis/Njbiru conjuction will cause all AC/DC to be in a state of flux (for how long is unknown). Read Isaiah chapter 24.
As far as the Holy covenant (American flag /Pledge of Allegiance) is concerned one only has to read Daniel chapter 11:30-36. It speaks volumes about the conflict with a modern day Anti-Christ who seeks to destroy any and all who are constitutionalist/patriots.
The question is which one are you? Will you die fighting for what you believe? Will you die as David Koresh and the Branch Dividians who were burned by fire? Will you be captured ans sent to the FEMA camps to ge guillotined? Or will you just be starved to death?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24397871

Well, with my location I would have to say, I'll die fighting for what I believe and see myself as that woman who shot the dude for trying to steal their food. It is hard to imagine doing that since I've never killed anything. IMO it depends on where your mindset is and what you prepared to do for you and yours.

Here is an excellent speaker that talks about being a warrior...Listen to this if you have the time..it really is excellent...

 Quoting: eaglewolf

Ever notice how, when high ranking military officials retire and have the chance to speak freely...and do so, the Govt. and MSM treat them like crazy people.
 Quoting: Wash

oh yeh and they seem to be picking them out one by one... i think the Govt. and MSM are on way to many of their own drugs they are pushing on the people turning them into crazy people ... it is obvious that their thinking is way out there...
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