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Message Subject Have you been watching the show "Revolution"? I see similarities with a near future USA...here's what I see at this point.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It has been 15 year since the power has gone off.
And all you see is people walking and riding horses.
I call Bull Shit on that one.
What about steam power?
What about bikes?
The writers on the show better get their act together or I'm sure people will stop watching.bsflag wtf
 Quoting: johnj

No shit, and what's up with that fat bastard after 15 years of want? Just like the fat bastard Hurley in Lost I guess.

I quit watching for 2 reasons.
1) Juliette from Lost is back - Shitty ass acting and she creeps me out
2) Gus from breaking Bad is now some spineless Toad.
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