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Message Subject Have you been watching the show "Revolution"? I see similarities with a near future USA...here's what I see at this point.
Poster Handle Lady Wolf
Post Content
Watching online trying to get caught up. I'm on episode 5 right now. I think if nothing else...this show really makes people think!! Stop looking to it for it's "entertainment value" and see it instead as a how to! I don't mean that the characters are always doing smart things, or making good decisions when it comes to problem solving. I'm talking about how this show give you a VERY realistic look at human beings and the potential animal that lives in each and every one of us when civilization becomes non-existent! This show does a very good job of portraying some realistic worse case scenarios in a dog eat dog world. It forces us to take a hard look at what we ourselves would or wouldn't be capable of doing if we found ourselves trying to survive with our loved ones in this nightmarish world.

As for those of you saying the young girl who plays Charlie needs to toughen up? Keep on watching, because many bad things happen to her and all around her that has made her tough as nails. It would have been unrealistic for her character to automatically be this way prior to all the experiences that causes her character to change. You need to remember, she is just a young girl trying to survive in a world turned upside down. It is only when her family becomes victim to this world that she begins to change and harden into the woman that she needs to be to survive.

One other thing that those of you who have given up on the first couple of episodes should know...in future episodes the writers are doing a good job of taking you back in time right after the blackout, i.e. the day of, a few weeks after, a few months after etc. and giving you glimpses into the main character's lives so you can see what has happened to them to shape them into who you're seeing now and how they connect with each other.

Don't give up on this show yet. I think it has some staying potential, and even if the network decides to cancel it, in the mean time, you WILL have learned something about what you can expect in such an Orwellian existence.
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