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Subject Man -woman relations not war/economy/EQ/Volcano/Aliens will destroy western society
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yes you got it right...
I am not blaming only men or women...the sense of proportion is long gone.
This will be the undoing of western culture and civilization....although nobody will believe it when i say...and the epidemic will spread all over the world.
The developed nations could absorb shocks in breakdown in their family structure because of government involvement and monetary success.
I am not a futurist or prophet..but many things have gone wrong in normal male female relationship...i don't even know what normal is...
The societal degradation usually starts as trickle(i am not only blaming women or men) then it becomes a huge flood and now dam has burst....
The actual effects will be seen when water flows over...the economy continues slow tide into nothingness...crude oil finishes...
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