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Message Subject The Holocaust is a LIE
Poster Handle Taz
Post Content
Sadly GLP has debated this subject Ad nauseam. No matter how the facts and evidence stacks up, there are just two groups of people who really care about the subject.

I have my own ideas. Overwhelming facts are pretty easy to come by, if someone is interested in research.

The Jews were treated horrendously by the German Nazis, in a similar way today's Palestinians are treated by Israel.

This world is VERY fucked-up, by a relatively small number of psychopaths, who by their nature worm their way into positions of power, influence and money. The outcome becomes bleaker as every day goes by...

Enjoy the ride, while you can!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8114006

Actually, they were treated quite decently according to the many International Red Cross reports. In many cases they were much better off in the camps than in the German civilian areas which were getting bombed to smithereens, especially towards the end of the war.

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