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Message Subject The Holocaust is a LIE
Poster Handle Thor's Hamster
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Someone mentioned Nuremberg. I highly recommend the book "Nuremberg: The Last Battle" by David Irving.

What the Allies did at Nuremberg was get junior military officers and junior Nazi apparatchik to testify against their superiors (the well-known, infamous Nazis) in exchange for sparing their lives, greatly reducing their prison sentences, or serving no jail time at all. The Allied judges would routinely prohibit defense witness testimony. In short, the Nuremberg Trials were dog-and-pony shows, designed for public consumption. And what could the Germans do? They were at the complete mercy of the Allies. The victors write the history.

This isn't to say high-ranking Nazis weren't guilty of crimes; sometimes heinous. I'm simply demonstrating how the victors write the history any way they want, particularly after a war like WWII where Germany was completely obliterated, had unconditionally surrendered, and was under military occupation of its entire country by the world's superpowers.
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