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Message Subject The Holocaust is a LIE
Poster Handle Thor's Hamster
Post Content
Try telling that to the families of the people that died.
Look up Norman Finklestein he talks abot his family being murdered in those death camps.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1103018

ffs LOTS of people died in WW2..why does everyone need to only feel sorry for Jews.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28756440

Feeling sorry for Jews only or not is not the issue here.
The issue is: is the Holocaust a lie or not?

And in that light Thors Hammer, what exactly is your opinion then on the speech by Himmler, recorded in 1943, as I posted just earlier here above in the thread?
 Quoting: Dutch Rebel 1568275

I'm suspect of that video. Reason: It says "jewish evacuation", then says "extermination". Which is it? It was, in fact, a jewish evacuation. Read on, especially starting at 3:30. He talks about how the Jews are being taken from society so they can't be saboteurs as they were in WWI in Germany (1916-17).

If this is a genuine video (audio, actually. Who knows who's really talking) and if it's authentic and not a piece of propaganda (which I suspect it is), I would say that he's speaking to his constituency. Just as every politician does. Politicians know their audience. They speak to them; telling them what they want to hear. Romney's "47%" remarks. G.W. Bush's "Some people call you the elite. I call you my base" remarks. Obama's "great flexibility" remarks. Politicians tell their audience what they want to hear.

Where is the single shred of documentary proof of this "holocaust"? There is none. Nothing. Do you honestly think a program of systematic extermination of 6 million jews could be without documentation?

Jews were removed from German society ONLY WHEN WWII began (why not before? Hitler came to power in 1933. Why did they only start going to camps in 1939?) because they were a perceived threat to the German state, as a result of past actions in Germany during WWI. The American Government removed a perceived threat from society, too, at the onset of WWII -- Japanese Americans.
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