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Message Subject The Holocaust is a LIE
Poster Handle Thor's Hamster
Post Content
Holocaust wasn't a lie, you're just upset because the Jewish people became the Nazis and you're tired of being oppressed.
 Quoting: Cave Johnson

The Jewish people did not, nor have ever been Nazis.. The British-Israelis are the Nazis. And they are NOT Jewish.

[link to www.britishisrael.co.uk]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26154537

I may retract this after reading this though:
[link to www.britishisrael.co.uk]

What the fuck? Read that shit..

"The U.S. action against Iran under President Eisenhower, was, like that over Suez three years later, ill-judged in light of what happened in the long term. It was influenced by factors which revolved ultimately around oil and the growing presence in Palestine of the Jewish Israeli State, which in 1948 inadvisably took the name of Israel, despite being of Ashkenazi-Esau descent, which is the key to understanding the cause of the continuous conflict that has been experienced between Israel and the Arab countries over the past 60 years.

The simple fact is that the Jewish Israeli State, by wrongly covering itself with the identity of Jacob-Israel in 1948, adopted the tribulations of the name, rather than the blessings, and in the process has been forced into developing a Masada-type complex – following the pattern of the 953 Jews in their rock fortress, who in AD 73 after becoming subject to the Romans following a year-long siege, committed mass-suicide rather than be conquered and enslaved by the Romans.

If the analogy of the final stand of the Jews at Masada is followed to the end, the Israeli State could initiate a conflict of self-destruction over something like Iran’s nuclear threat – which threat may by symbolic of the giant ramp that the Romans constructed to enter the 1,300ft high fortress on the western shore of the Dead Sea. The site itself was excavated in 1963-65 and is now an Israeli national monument."

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26154537

Sounds like the Samson Option -- basically Israeli murder/suicide. If we go down, we're taking everyone with us....with nukes.
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