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Message Subject Questions for Titor
Poster Handle Clayton
Post Content
You view my entire generation as lazy and useless. This is an act of stereotyping. You have no idea how old I am. Why do you call me Trunks or Bomberman? My name is Clayton. I had figured you had know about me because you said "As an old man, you will be in heaven." Which led me to imply you knew me in the future. You say you are from the future and that you can see this conversation, whether you are saying these things so the timeline doesnt get messed up and this is what it says in the future online forum then you would be creating a time loop. You know by looking at the forum from the future that I am not Trunks or Bomberman. The only reason I used the name Trunks is because it is from one of my favorite video game series's and it is supposedly based on the story of john titor. To be honest, you COULD call me a gnostic Christian because my belief in Jesus isn't very much, it sounds like what you say: a fictional human "The Perfect Christian" as you could say. I have a Strong Belief in God and the Holy Spirit but Jesus, not so much. Am I talking to the 3rd person now? I can tell because of the 'I am John Titor ask me a question' Page 34, you can clearly tell there is different people from the 9-25 - 9-26 writers. John Titor is an Organization a Black Ops military division, as you could say, that travels to the past in hopes of a better future, am I correct? One of the posters on the IAJTAMAQ page made a typo. It said "Land west of florida" when they meant to say "Land East of Florida" a.k.a. near the bimini road.
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