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Message Subject Questions for Titor
Poster Handle Scarbedazzles
Post Content
Ever wonder why Titor says your generation is not well liked in the future?

I'll list it.
Too much soda and junk. You're slowing your circulation and as a result acting stupid.

You still refer to religious icons as Lord, King, Master. W
We fought the American, French and Russian revolution to rid ourselves of these tyrants. Shouldn't Jesus be you Christian's brother and friend, not Lord, King and Master? This only indicates your primitive thinking.

In the future, we are Gnostic Christians. Jesus is a fictional ideal.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24493614


*hides chips and coke behind back in a guilty fashion*

are we going to be able to overcome it all? Because it seems to me that one generation creats the other even when the inspiration is a fault.

is being prepared like the term "prepper" refers to, the thing to be doing at this time? Getting fit? Stock piling weapons and ammo? I'd like some advice for the immediate time-being.
 Quoting: Scarbedazzles

I wonder if John has thought that perhaps the shortcomings of this generation creates the push and drive of the upcoming generation. Without it, who knows?
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