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Message Subject Questions for Titor
Poster Handle Serenity777
Post Content
"Where is the original poster of "You should cancel the olympics?"? Why did"

We think he was murdered by a poster here from Fort Meyers, Florida and a chat moderator. We're not sure.

"(s)he leave? Why don't you go more in depth about what happens in the future?"

We don't want to drastically change the timeline. Too many details might do that.

"Dont you want to see all of this stopped? You are only giving us basic information, nothing in depth that can help us significantly,"

War is necessary. There are too many willfully lazy and ignorant people begging for death.

"the timelines are already different so what does it matter?" And also, you "

We plan to stay in this world when it engineered to ensure our survival.

I used to be a gamer. We do a lot of simulator training. All games of the past are emulated and available on the archive for free. As an old man, you will be in heaven.

What are the phones like?

The phones are watches or connected to our shoulders. We can detach them on a string so that if we drop the phone, it snaps back into place. The phones have solar power collection ability, are rugged and have manual contols and a keyboard in addition 2d touch and 3d true hologram projection. We also have dumb phone HUD glasses and contacts. Storage is in crystal.

"Since you are from the future, can't you go see this exact conversation if you go back to the future?"

Yes. But not exactly. I can even tell you what you will ask next.

2012 Oct 28 -- I can not say. But GLP is fond of doom dates.

Hillary was saved.

Clayton, you are Bomberman, are you not?
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