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Message Subject Questions for Titor
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Trust - such a complex topic.

You can never experience something you are not the vibration of. Every person you encounter in your life is a different version of yourself. The whole time you're just talking to yourself in this world. Weird huh?

Now it's on you to tap in to the version of yourself that helps advance your life experience. Asking somebody why should you trust them is elementary. Because you're just asking yourself in the grand scheme of things.

Learn to ask better questions. Organize your questions. Use outlines when you write. The way a person writes tells a lot about the mental and emotional state a person in.

One who can't separate thoughts while writing will have major trouble differentiating between what is reality and what is not. As of now you're fucked.

My name is not John. I am not your savior. But I do know a lot more then the average person. Ask away.
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