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Message Subject Questions for Titor
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Answer the questions nobody else will. Who is Mabus? When will Jesus come back? Is what john says correct? Are your part of the John Titor operation? You expect way more than you should out of me. The truth will set you free.
 Quoting: Clayton 23734565

Mabus - I have no clue. That is the first time I have ever come across that name in my life. I guess it has not had relevance on my life. Yet.

Jesus - You talk as if Jesus ever left. He exists in some form on this planet at all times. It could be a bird. It could be a human. Only he really knows.

Don't only focus on Jesus. Abraham is just as important. Jesus is just the most charismatic of their group back then.

I do not think I am part of the John Titor operation. If I was I would be flattered and excited. I may possibly be part of an MK Ultra operation though.

I have superhuman like vision in the physical and non-physical. I have clear visions of the future. But I would not go on record saying that I absolutely know and can predict the future.

If I could teach my hand-eye coordination to other humans every desperate parent would be at my doorstep thinking Little Johnny could be the next super soldier or next great baseball player. It takes years of practice to fine tune the brain in anything and would encourage everybody that we do not live in a quick fix society.

It is through my exploration of the brain that I dove into the unknown...and made sense of the crazy world we live in. And yes one day I will profit from it. That does not make me evil or shallow. That is the future of economics. More thought. Less work.


Here is my best analogy to understand your life, my life, and the life of Jesus or Titor:

Time is just a sideways 8. It follows a constant loop. The only way to escape the timeline is at the point of intersection where you can "leave" the 8 and jump to the 9. But you're never really leaving anything. You're just advancing levels.

It's all one big reality with different frequencies. The brain is layered in a similar way to how the Earth is layered. Now whatever one you reside in is totally up to you.

Higher frequency isn't always better either though. A lot of times it just makes life more complicated. Maintain balance to achieve optimum results in whatever you do. Like I said before: obsession is counter-productive.

I have a theory in life that you are one coach away from advancing to the next level whether it is in Corporate America, a sport, with girls, etc. Everybody encounters that person in their life. But how many take advantage of it and become conscious of who that person is? I found my coach a couple years ago and it changed my life.
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