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Message Subject Questions for Titor
Poster Handle Clayton
Post Content
Appolonius can not be an anti christ. Napolean, Hitler, and Mabus are the three that make up the antichrist. Since nobody knows who mabus is, we are not at the end of the earth. The ones with true understanding are the ones who are dead. John, I am personally trying to contact you and i can't figure out which e-mail to send it to. 12016255, I am going to call you excalibur from now on, you need a name. Your teacher when talked about is going to be called Goku. Excalibur has a belief in jesus and believes to know the future while john says the same thing but jesus is fictional and was created a long time ago. both claim to know the future, either of you care to explain?

I do not see "John" as a savior, they are a prophet.

Excalibur, who/what is Goku? How did it teach you how to access deeper parts of your mind?

Excalibur reminds me of Einstien, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and Appolonius. You all have extra-sensory perception. Advance Iq, a higher understanding of everything. Excalibur, just as Goku taught you, i want you to teach me. How is it possible? How did Edgar do what he did: He acted like he expierienced traveling to the spirit world and saw himself "reborn" in like 2100.

Questions: What is the "mark of the beast" in real life? What happened at atlantis? If Excalibur can see the future and john changes it, who is right? John, why have i never recieved my e-mail? Whose flood story was right? What was the creation of man?
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