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Message Subject Questions for Titor
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's a curse until I start getting paid for advice. Then it'll be a blessing.

It's a lot to handle to be honest. I get so focused in my zone that if anybody throws "my Matrix" out of whack that I lash out. And I was never like that before.

But it is my advanced organization that makes me function in whatever I do so I can not knock it. I'd rather have a well-organized mind than be scatter brained.

Eventually people accept the way that I am. I know what needs to get done in life and I do it at a high level. And when someone invades my space I give them telepathic warnings to stay away.

There's nothing worse I hate in this world than a phony person who gets impressed by people with titles. I treat everyone as if they were equals to me. I'm not impressed by lavish cars or big houses. Knowledge is what impresses me. And your own knowledge not what some other guy said.

In the last year I have been getting more advanced but almost to the point that I stop myself and say "Ok that's enough." And I don't go any farther.

The first time I legitimately channeled I was receiving thoughts similar to the way you receive thoughts on the karaoke machine. Except these weren't cheesy song lyrics. These were like modern scriptures.

I believe The Internet is a great place to share information and I have been an innovator on the Internet since the age of 12. This whole John Titor has opened my mind up to a lot of new things but I am not fully convinced it really happened or do I even give a shit in the big picture.

But I will tell you this I had a dream one night & it's not that Titor contacted me in the dream. But he was there. I never saw any faces or spoke to him in the dream but I felt the presence.

It's like typing the word Titor opened up a code in my brain that led me to new information. So the guy is real to me. God bless em.
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