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Message Subject Questions for Titor
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Excalibur:What happened to Goku? What was he experience like? how did he teach you?

Excalibur: You said a man named john was going to be introduced in my life. I have not met a new physical John. You know the truth about who I am don't you, what are you hiding?
 Quoting: Clayton 23734565

Me and Goku have not spoke since the day of the Japanese Earthquake 3-11-11. He is still around somewhere I am sure. The crazy thing was I found out he was a poster on GLP in the Mid 2000's. So I got a chance to find out more about him through this board.

The experience was definitely something different. It just showed me the impact one human being could have on the lives of others. Within 5 minutes he had taught me more then I had learned in 4 years of college. And I mean that in no disrespect to my college professors. This guy was in a league of his own.

He taught me through the Internet, dreams, and the occasional real-life meet-up. He showed me how to build bridges in the human mind among hundreds of other things. He never charged a cent either. It was just nice having someone tell what you can do for once.


The thing about John I was just exaggerating and spoofing your answer. I have no clue if you will meet a John in the future but I am sure you will eventually.

The answer to the name Titor lies in the synchronization of the 2 (which spiritually is 11) letters T is the 20th letter in the alphabet.

That's more important than anything else. To achieve better ESP you'll have to understand numbers and letters at a higher level. Create set points to make it easier to count the alphabet. You have to be able to think on your feet and creating points to reference gives you the best opportunity to solve something at a faster rate than others.

It's that power that I just talked about that makes people believe that I can see the future. And if I let them in on my secret I would just say I understand the numbers 1-9 numerologically and spiritually well...and I understand the 26 letters of the English alphabet well. Once you have those fundamentals down YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.

The English language is coded. Anybody who has been somebody throughout history has known this. Colors, letters, numbers, symbolism all play a major role in our lives subconsciously. Now once you consciously put everything together you become the teacher, the business owner, the coach, the whatever and you get to create your own scheme.

That is what we call building a template reality in the brain. Or as you refer to it as "The Future."
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