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Message Subject Questions for Titor
Poster Handle Clayton
Post Content
Why don't I get married then? He never told me my occupation.Do I go to college? Am I involved with time travel in the future? What did the secret song (Trism) ever have to do with anything? Do the New Aliens provide us with more history about the earth? Do we ever establish life on a new planet? Why hasn't anyone traveled to the future from point A(2036)? why do you want me to keep posting?

"Send me an e-mail and I will quit posting until I am needed again"


can you explain more about a chronovisor. Whos perspective is it from? when can we buy them? Was i right about the scientists that discovered titorium? was one of them you? I'm sorry if im blowing your project, if i was emailed i would know when to be quiet. You know who i am because if you didn't you wouldn't keep saying i don't get married. The future can be changed from your perspective so can't i change time as to where i get married?
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