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Message Subject Questions for Titor
Poster Handle Clayton
Post Content
I hope that is not excalibur. I do not know how long the time travelers will be here. There are only FOURTEEN DAYS left until this whatever happens. After that whatever happens i will probably not be able to ask questions. If all you knew about your grandfather was that he served in the war and got to search for Neil Armstrong and the remnants of apollo 11 and you never got to ask him, wouldn't that make you angry? You figured there would be more time. BUT THERE ISN'T. I don't want to believe anything that John says is true just because of how horrible the future sounds. Secretly i have been trying to debunk him or find enough evidence to prove he is telling the truth. I'm leaning more towards this telling the truth thing. To be honest, my life sucks. I have had a terrible love life. Never had a girlfriend past 6th grade. I hear my best friends telling me "You will find someone someday". That gives me hope. I am fat. I ask the only people i know who know the future:Time travelers. They tell me i never get married. I don't want to accept that fact. I have a theory that "John Titor" is a black ops mission in the future where they send people back to change the future for the better. But it doesn't. Ever played Infamous 1 on an evil save? Just to learn at the end that Kessler was Cole trying to fix time for the better? Cole doesn't care. Kessler has changed the future so much as to kill Trish that Cole doesn't listen to himself from the future. Kessler abandoned his entire life just to do something for the common good, and the common good wanted him dead. This is the same thing you are doing to that operation. You should be lucky they try to help us. How do you repay them? By wanting them dead and killing him. I don't know if i want to life on the earth in Johns future. It doesn't matter to me if I live or die. But I know this world has too many people to live. I think its about time I stop posting.
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