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Message Subject Questions for Titor
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In other words... I am young so i need not worry about a girl, If i feel sorry for myself because of my weight i need to do something about it and stop complaining, stop being desperate for a girl: good things come to those who wait, the reason i asked who i marry is because one day i asked God to show me my wife, he showed me a girl and 4 months later i realized she was in my french class at school. I have had a few dreams with her in them. She has a boyfriend so my attachment with her i do not understand.

2 people, completely different beliefs. Excalibur, why would you try to help me, i am a complete stranger to you (i assume) so i can't understand why you are doing this.
 Quoting: Clayton 23734565

Never put your eggs in one basket when it comes to girls. It's actually a big turnoff to girls at first when a guy has his life planned out with marriage, amount of kids, etc. They want to feel a little vulnerable. All you are is a prize to them and someone who just pours out their entire life plan right away is no prize.

She may be the one but with this complicated world we live in things may not work out. There is a girl in my life with a lot more synchronization then you have and we are not together. It bothers me but I believe in the power of The Universe so I know it is playing out exactly as planned.

I am trying to help you because it is easy for me to help you. That is the beauty of the Internet. Writing is a gift I was given and if I can help even one person in the world I've done more then a lot of people. When I was younger I was shy and passive but eventually grew out of it.

You will encounter a lot of shallow people in your life. But they will stay in the shallow end quite possibly forever. You're smart in your own way and could someday swim in the deep end. You just have to stop worrying so much.
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