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Message Subject Questions for Titor
Poster Handle Clayton
Post Content
"The answer to the name Titor lies in the synchronization of the 2 (which spiritually is 11) letters T is the 20th letter in the alphabet." <How can you understand a letter and a number spiritually?

"It's that power that I just talked about that makes people believe that I can see the future. And if I let them in on my secret I would just say I understand the numbers 1-9 numerologically and spiritually well...and I understand the 26 letters of the English alphabet well. Once you have those fundamentals down YOU CAN DO ANYTHING." < How do I do this?

"The English language is coded. Anybody who has been somebody throughout history has known this. Colors, letters, numbers, symbolism all play a major role in our lives subconsciously. Now once you consciously put everything together you become the teacher, the business owner, the coach, the whatever and you get to create your own scheme." < Teach me this.

"The part about how the world is going to be like Avatar was somewhat real. But all the personal stuff was false. I am sure you will get married one day.

You are the one who creates the template so no I know nothing of your future. I don't have that power. Nor does anyone else you encounter so don't give away your power to anyone. It all comes from within.

Remember the future is just another version of the now. So the template reality you create now that appears to be the future is actually just an extension of the now. So congrats you can see the future.

Here's the biggest trigger Goku used when I first met him: "all you have to do is use your imagination." It was with that thought that my entire reality was shifted." < I completely missed this post, don't know how...

Stop worrying so much hmm? Ok i'll try that.

John Thomas is dead, why didn't you save him John? I know for a fact he still uses that twitter account. Why did you hack some grahamy J guys twitter? thats not nice. He said: Barack obama assinated in 2015, hersheys candy is poisonous, flying cars at 3 levels on the highways, cure to all cancers except brain, Handball(OMG someone had the same idea I did!). But seriously though, that kid is freaking out. Anyway, ren1999 twitter still posts.

Somebody help me, I don't like this "the myth" guy. He scares me, he has evil in his heart.

As to the evil the myth guy: I learned about john titor because i have always been interested with time travel, always will. I didn't know about all I would do to this place, who did? I started off as a nerd trying to find out the future, i now know it's something bigger than myself. Excalibur, teach me what goku taught you. If I could stop myself from posting on the first of july, I would, I cant do that, I cant make myself not look up this john titor thing. I can do nothing with the past, only the future can I change.
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