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Message Subject Questions for Titor
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"The answer to the name Titor lies in the synchronization of the 2 (which spiritually is 11) letters T is the 20th letter in the alphabet." <How can you understand a letter and a number spiritually?

Because it's all interconnected. Explore the relationships with the alphabet and numbers. The vibration is more or less gonna be the same for everything. Spiritually two T's together can be written like this:

T = 20 or 2 or 11
T = 20 or 2 or 11

11 + 11 = 22
2+2 = 4

John = 4 letters.

And yes I is the 9th letter of the alphabet. Which is 11 letters from T. Don't know if that even means anything but it was an observation I made.

It's learning how to explore synchronizations in that fashion that will lead you to all more clarity. You could say the 1900's have a S vibration. The 2000's have a T vibration.

On a side note: what's a lower case t. A cross. What's 4 letters from the letter T...X. What's the X? Another cross or diagonal 11 basically. See how it goes from one connection to the other. It all starts with fundamentals. The power of 4 is something that needs to be understood to achieve true balance.

"It's that power that I just talked about that makes people believe that I can see the future. And if I let them in on my secret I would just say I understand the numbers 1-9 numerologically and spiritually well...and I understand the 26 letters of the English alphabet well. Once you have those fundamentals down YOU CAN DO ANYTHING." < How do I do this?

What I recommend is learning how to spell out the numbers in your mind. Don't think 1 2 3. Think one two three four...etc. It helps your visualization mechanism in the mind "see better." You should also know what number in the alphabet every letter is. The average person would not know T is the 20th letter right away.

Once you visualize on one level plane you will be able to define things better in your reality. You'll explore root words. You will become a decoder of the language which I'm sure will help you learn other languages. I have not really tried that much in my life yet. I like the English language too much.

If they taught young kids this stuff from the start they'd be able to translate information at a better rate. But they'd rather waste our time teaching us how to write in cursive.

"The English language is coded. Anybody who has been somebody throughout history has known this. Colors, letters, numbers, symbolism all play a major role in our lives subconsciously. Now once you consciously put everything together you become the teacher, the business owner, the coach, the whatever and you get to create your own scheme." < Teach me this.

I just did in the answer above.

"The part about how the world is going to be like Avatar was somewhat real. But all the personal stuff was false. I am sure you will get married one day.

You are the one who creates the template so no I know nothing of your future. I don't have that power. Nor does anyone else you encounter so don't give away your power to anyone. It all comes from within.

Remember the future is just another version of the now. So the template reality you create now that appears to be the future is actually just an extension of the now. So congrats you can see the future.

Here's the biggest trigger Goku used when I first met him: "all you have to do is use your imagination." It was with that thought that my entire reality was shifted." < I completely missed this post, don't know how...

Stop worrying so much hmm? Ok i'll try that.


See how you completely missed that post but it was there all along. You just had to tap into that version of the now to get the full story. Everything you need to know is already within yourself. You don't need to go on some long soul searching adventure to find out the truth about world politics or time travel. You already know the answers. We all do.
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