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Message Subject Questions for Titor
Poster Handle MatrixLNIN11
Post Content

Actually, the dimwits are those who believe Titor is the same as JT2

since you probably don't know the difference, I think your ignorance speaks for itself making your OPINION on anything regarding this subject, worthless.

You mean just like your opinion?
 Quoting: MatrixLNIN11

except the big difference between my opinion when I give it and yours is that its far more educated and credible.

so whats your point?

And since you are ASSUMING I don't know the differences, doesn't that make you just as ignorant as you claim I am, rendering YOUR opinion on MY opinion just as worthless?
 Quoting: The Myth

the fact I'm not the one accusing him of anything and your ASSumption implies Ren is lying and/or impossible he is who he claims to be that you nor anyone else has offered any empirical evidence or intelligent argument to support that assumption, based on your track record, YES, your opinion is worthless and comparing it to "mine" is IRRELEVANT.

but nice try

Please then, by all means do enlighten me as to the differences, o knowledgable one.
 Quoting: The Myth

you're welcome little monkey

The pleasure was all mine I assure you.

***On a side note, I wouldn't talk too much about "dimwits" and ignorance...weren't you the guy who warned us all about the impending martial law and global financial meltdown between september and october of LAST YEAR? How's that working out for you?

 Quoting: The Myth

Ahhhh, you must be another one of those retards who were too stupid to comprehend basic esoteric concepts and truth in what I wrote, explained and was VALIDATED.

It must have been really upsetting and a big blow to your ego realizing you just lack basic critical thinking skills necessary in understanding esoteric writing and simple date codes.

Oh well. There's only so much you can teach a primitive

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