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Message Subject Questions for Titor
Poster Handle MatrixLNIN11
Post Content

You're stupid if you don't even take the chance to look past the whole "is this titor" thing. I doesn't matter if this is the same john from 2000. What matters is the fact that our world is going to crap and we need to change it. Even if his future isn't right, he has ideas on how to prevent that crap from happening. I'm listening to him if he's titor or not. He has ideas. Id rather listen to ideas on how to change the future instead of some faggots making fun of someone. If you make fun of him, you are bullying him. Weren't you raised better than to bully someone?

Calling someone on their bullshit is not "making fun" of them,
 Quoting: Clayton 23734565

It is when you can't prove its bullshit.

You're an arrogant prick who hasn't earned the right to criticize or judge whether someone's bullshitting or not.

And based on your ignorant remark about my warning last year, thank you for proving my point again.

You just hate having to consider he could be right and could be who he says because it threatens your EGO and very existence.

no matter how much you think it is. But hey I get it, you're young and probably still in that stage of life where you think you know everything.
Here's a tip for the future junior...if you're trying to berate someone who has alot more wisdom, knowledge, and life experience than yourself, it's probably a better idea to keep your trap shut, that way you might actually learn something.
 Quoting: The Myth

do the words POT KETTLE BLACK mean anything to you? Lol

There are alot of people out there in the real world who have ideas to make a better future too, I don't see you listening to them?
 Quoting: The Myth

like who and what for example? but please explain what that has to do with anything.

Try putting your vaunted ideals where your mouth is and try to be a part of making that change, rather than mindlessly following the words of everyone who claims they are a time traveller (when it's more likely that it's someone who is having a laugh at how far along they can string you)
 Quoting: The Myth

your premise is all based on the ASSumption that your CLAIM and OPINION he is not who he says, is true.

Unless you can offer evidence or proof to support what you're ASSerting which I haven't seen anywhere, your premise is flawed and therefore pretty much worthless.
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