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The "greenest" presidents in US history ranked

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United States
09/25/2012 10:45 PM
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The "greenest" presidents in US history ranked
Press Release

WASHINGTON D.C., September 18, 2012 - Corporate Knights, the magazine for clean capitalism, announced today its Greenest U.S. Presidents ranking just seven weeks before Americans head to the polls to select their next commander-in-chief. The results of the ranking, the first to be determined by top environmentalists themselves, show that protection of our natural world has a long tradition with both Democrats and Republicans.

Indeed, Republican Presidents captured the two top spots in the ranking, followed by two democrats. Of the 12 environmental groups surveyed, America's 26th President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt was overwhelmingly selected as the greenest president in history for making conservation of the country's natural resources a cornerstone of his policy. Richard Nixon, America's 37th president, who was responsible for creating the Environmental Protection Agency and signing several seminal pieces of environmental legislation into law, ranked second.

[link to www.corporateknights.com]