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Subject I am onboard an alien craft, please read
Poster Handle Florence
Post Content
I do not know where to begin, i am too nervous to write this out of fear for my own life, my wellbeing be it.

My name is Florence Godfrey, i am 65 years old and a resident of the UK, i am a music teacher, and specialise in media and music to several schools here.

I was abducted myself as a child, by greys, and it continued my entire life, but until now it has always been something i have had to grim and bear with, because there was nothing i could do about it.

However this was all to change the other week when i was taken aboard a craft and they have not returned me, despite my many pleas.

I am worried, what should i do! I am using the internet on my cellphone to type this, because they have taken my laptop.

I need help, and i need help now to return to earth.

Florence Godfrey
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