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Message Subject I am onboard an alien craft, please read
Poster Handle lupa14714
Post Content

thought there was no magnetic field in space?
 Quoting: lupa14714

The craft generates its own field and environment...they can take a 90* turn at the speed of light and you wouldn't spill your beer...
 Quoting: BRIEF

Did they say why some are taken, but most probably aren't?

Or is it the other way around and we just don't remember?

Did they say why you were chosen?
 Quoting: Mandevilla

I was chosen for my DNA, I'm AB- too, and my ability to teach and work with children...each person is chosen for specific reasons...they have combined all the desirable traits while removing those that are undesirable...so I can promise EAT nor Russ are contactees ;)
 Quoting: BRIEF

it's too spooky,i'm o neg,hubby ab neg,and the voice that talks all bloody day to me keeps mentioning evolving,i've had enough of this wierd world i wanna go back to thinking it was all normal.
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