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Message Subject John Lear may be wrong about Christ
Poster Handle allegro
Post Content
Lear is correct.

All of your citations are based on history. Our history has always been and always will be tampered with by the current political, religious and scientific theories...not facts. Lots of industry, military, big corporation have had ET intervention...most invovled are not aware.

ET's flawlessly use religions, politics,philosophies, etc. as part of this type of planets' curriculum.

Through these completely ET controlled programs our individual souls are allowed to be validly tested by using our free will towards soul maturation. Of course, our memories are wiped clean by ET (with or without our permission)--depending on why individually we are subjected to this 3D exsistence. It all perfectly dovetails and there is no randomness nor accidents or coincidences...blows ones mind that ET could be so omnicient...they are.

ET has used this tried and truly perfected programming for billions+ years on millions of planets (At this Earth awareness level) in our galaxy and will continue to do so.

The vast majority of existance is aware of our 3D nursery and our reasons for being put here or choosing to be here..."everything I ever learned happened in kindergarden...?

As our family of ET allows more complex technology drips into our 3D world (look at the last 100 years), the religion bit will eventually be exposed and gradually eliminated heading towards a more personalized individual responsibility/spiritual stage-- as is happening right now.

We are all part of a great gift of existance...repeating an earth sentence for many of us is not ideal--but perfectly normal and part of the soul maturation plan for this galaxy/group of souls.

Hollywood got it wrong. Our controlling ET's are benevolent.

Well they use some tough love drones and belings as devil's advocates to keep individual souls on this playing field active and alive and honest. They watch over us as parents do with 5 year olds.

They do not need us, nor can we in anyway harm them...they created our human containers on this and many other Earthlike planets. This is their job, love, creation and part of their work. Each of us human being containers has a soul that is never alone. Our ET guardians will seamlessly create situations that give us what our free will asks for.
Good or bad...well, they do not see a good/bad thing, just a soul maturation process towards a better more fulfilling existance.

John may not explain this well, but who can..LOL!

Soul creation and its placement is another story.
 Quoting: allegro
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