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Message Subject John Lear may be wrong about Christ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi All,

Since my links are not working well, I wanted to lay some of it out for other researchers:

1)John Todd--

a)former high-level witch and illuminati
says that they run the show, have more money than they know what to do with.
b)they will destroy economy or any company whenever they want--money no option. Rothchilds at top communing direct w lucifer.
c)Salem witch trials was actually one group of witches getting rid of another and Christians who were meeting to pray--Christians who pray obstruct the ability of witches to conjure and manipulate demons (see #2 below)
d)we can deduce that the persecution of cathars and the inquisitions and other witch burning pandemics may have had similar roots
ufos are demonic (even U.S. govt. w craft it could be argued, are simply occultists working wittingly or not to bring in “end times.”
e)interesting that William Bramley found historic ufo sightings before every major outbreak of the plague in middle ages AND hovering above the vatican.

2)Lucifer's Children

a)former Vietnam vet--compelling story about how satanists work and why he converted to Christ.

3) "former satanist shows everyday occultism"

a) another former satanist with lots of interesting aspects to above points

4) The UFO phenomenon explained by MUFON researcher Joseph Jordan who claims that calling on Christ to alleviate the abduction phenomenon not only works, but is being covered up.

a)The family showcased at the end have been repeatedly mentioned on A&E Channel without ever mentioning that they are now healed of the abusive abduction phenomenon that plagued them.

b) It seems likely that there are many ways we can open ourselves up to demonic energies, especially when we do not follow rules of the bible or know about the occult knowledge. The latter is not fool-proof as the wisest man in the bible, Solomon, fell prey to his own hubris and the tales of former satanists and witches, etc are quite telling and similar: Jesus Christ is the only way out.

c) the ways to open ourselves up to demonic are all consciousness-based, ultimately, but include films, tv, music, mind-altering substances (I say this as a person who loves herb, but have stopped smoking), etc... Herb is probably a medicine that even Terrance McKenna said was abused by most and should only be used once a week, ideally.

[link to vimeo.com]

d) some of the top researchers such as Jaque Vallee and J Allen Hyneck were convinced the phenomenon was demonic/other dimensional...

5) "former illuminati" generally and Mark Cleminson specifically... 

a) He was born into an illuminati family, was schooled by jesuits in special schools in Nepal and learned to meditate (open self to demonic energy), levitate and gain psychic abilities the illuminati and IBM specifically were planning to use him for bringing in the NWO and “end times.”
b) His story is very interesting, mirrors former satanists and exposes the New Age religions.
c) Again, Jesus Christ the only way out and he literally had to confront death when the order tried to get him back.
d) Great example of the spiritual rules that really exist and run things here.

6) Roger Morneau--great guy, amazing story!

a) Maybe one of the best “former secret societies” stories and probably the oldest on video record.
b) He got involved in 1946 and had many supernatural experiences
they used fear to compel members to “initiate”
c) He gives great back-story to the luciferian plan and how old it really is.
d) more insight into New Age religion being a luciferian trap.
e) Explains the three basic classes of “fallen angels” and how they confuse and manipulate us.
f) escaped certain death through Jesus Christ.

7) Recent BBC documentary on new evidence for the Shroud of Turin.

a) there are a few good docs on this now worth seeing and questioning, especially now that they admit the carbon dating was shite.
b) other researchers have uncovered that even the men involved in the original test were biased against the Shroud.
c) One of the men involved was found to have requested cloth from middle ages similar to the Shroud.
d) The other forensics on this are amazing and entertaining.

[link to www.youtube.com] v=dr9_v5A4a2w

8) Carolyn Hamlett is a survivor from generational Illuminist bloodlines, spared and delivered from its hold on her mind and life by her faith in God. Carolyn is a former "multi-generational server" in the Illuminati. She provides further evidence that humanity is the victim of a long-term satanic conspiracy that is entering its final stage. "I have known "The Plan" since I was a small child and have seen it carried out just as I was told it would be....It has been a very slow process to get people to the point where common sense is not so common." 
She joins the ranks of Svali, Cathy O'Brien, Brice Taylor and other whistleblowers exposing the mind control and unspeakable tortures being forced upon children and civilians by the military on behalf of the goals of Luciferian World Government. 
As a person of high rank in "The Organization," Carolyn has seen and experienced Satanic horrors, and knows many details of "The Plan" to bring on the Antichrist and the NWO that she has been divulging in television and radio broadcasts and in her own writings
Audio Interview

[link to www.theedgeam.com] interviews/Carolyn_Hamlett_08. 25.12.mp3

9) Chris Everard on the occult use of hallucinogens to access demonic energy:
[link to www.youtube.com] v=Chjz0lRAyFI&feature=related 

a) Explains why and how hallucinogens are used by sorcerers who really run things, to access and manipulate demonic energy.
b) John Dee was the original 007--I thought this was cool!
c) All his vids are worth a look, though he has no apparent take on Jesus Christ.

10) Johanna Michaelsen - someone who was heavily involved in working with shamanism and being a medium also has an interesting story..

a) was born with special abilities
b) was being groomed to take over position with famous shamanic healer in mexico
c) took part in many amazing healing sessions
d) concluded that it was demonic energy healing people (see Roger Morneau for how this is possible)
e) was even fooled by false Christ (see Carolyn Hamlett) and finally determined the only way for someone like her to eliminate the demonic was to study and follow rules layed out in Bible.

11) Dave Hunt has some interesting research on the origins of the push for yoga, new agism, etc... the history of yoga I thought interesting that it was developed to tune the body to communicate with other-dimensional hindu "gods" aka demons, again...

13) Randall Baer's extensive New Age experience echos the same again: 

[link to www.youtube.com] v=QDvZUq4uBL8

14) The Net - The Unabomber. LSD and the Internet

a) the connections a German documentary make on how the decision to permeate our culture with hallucinogens, from the highest levels of TPTB, especially from scientific and arts culture.
b) unabomber to this day denies making bombs
c) unabomber took part in mind-control program at Harvard.
d) The interviews of famous intellectuals and artists who helped usher in the internet and the enslaving technocracy are funny and surprising.
e) shows that reality is what we make it, literally
f) God gives us a free-will and right now that is being manipulated by evil forces towards “end times.”

[link to www.youtube.com] v=doQAwLb-DEE

15) Jesuit Sorcerer history: Mis-spelled on purpose:   [link to be] for eits news.com/alternative/2012/09/hidden-truth-jesuit-vatican-connection-to-the-unfold​ing-2012-new-world-order-agenda-2-2469282.html

a) Appears to be well-researched article on the pervasive control of the jesuit order and how the only force that has been successful against these dark sorcerers is Protestant, real Christ believers, with a Bible and a gun.
b) I would say it is too late for a gun, people might be better served just with Jesus Christ and a Bible.
c) Youtube for more on this: Ex Jesuit Alberto Rivera and others Speak on Jesuit infiltration
d) the above, plus John Todd, Jordan Maxwell, Carolyn Hamlett, etc, all say churches given bad rap buy infiltration and design to lead people away from Jesus Christ.

16) Professor Walter Veith on Supernatural and Evolution v. Creationism

a) Start with his testimony
b) see all his well-documented lectures on how the Evolution is shite and the vatican has an agenda to make Sunday the official NWO religious day of worship.

17) Ken Peters - Visions for End Times

a) buckle your seat belts for this one
b) very prophetic--hope it doesn't happen--we are responsible.

18)All of the Youtube vids from The Prophesy Club are very telling and thorough. The Jesus Christ followers seem to me to be the most well-researched, radical and sincere of all the info on the net.

19) Music Industry and Hollywood as satanic

a) aside from John Todd, we have a clear pattern on youtube of satanisms pervasive influence, the worst for me being clear signs that Bob Dylan and John Lennon sold their souls for fame. (see 60 minutes interview w Bob Dylan sold soul)
b) This rabbit hole sadly covers most of the industry and artists I used to love
c) I still listen to and watch certain art forms, but it is clear there is a problem and I now prefer classical music. :)

If you look at all of the above it seems hard to believe that Lou Baldin/Sleeper is not being fooled.

Could that be why he is raising his children as Christ-followers?

I wonder what would happen if Lou became a Christian?? Would his "contacts" be eliminated??

Lou is the only one who can find this out for us.

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