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Message Subject John Lear may be wrong about Christ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
p.s. Thank you Mercyme!

It isn't called "ok grace" it's called amazing grace! :)

what does ET think? what? I didn't hear that...

For the others who postulate that ET/higher dimensional beings can do anything I would say, for me, intelligent design indicates intelligent designer... ET just another level... a "Principality" ...

also see Carolyn Hamlett youtubes for more on role of greys...

I would really like to get Lou with some Adventists like Veith and see if the phenomenon continues for him...

Logic tells me that there is a God over everybody and it is ultimately His show, not Et's...

As well, according to John and Lou, following Christ would be just another way towards living without envy, hate or greed... plus living WITH a few other virtues that might only enhance the afterlife...

careful looking into the links in the list show clearly that Christianity has been infiltrated by evil folks... but you can read the New Testament and follow Jesus Christ pretty easily without the distortion...

I do not belong to any church, for example, but I do think reading about Jesus Christ and knowing his wisdom might be important.

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