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Message Subject John Lear may be wrong about Christ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
some more thoughts: Enoch

what I found quite interesting about what I have read about the Book of Enoch, aside from the fact that he doesn't die, is that according to him, the Nephilim/giants are now the demons of today.

Energetically, one thing that occurs to me is: lucifer was created by God as perfect, we are told. Reminds me of HAL in Kubrick's 2001. Something goes wrong.

God saw that and chose to use it to make more perfect spirit energy for His Kingdom: ones with learned humility and wisdom.

So now lucifer serves a useful purpose: helping him choose the weeds from the wheat.

The Book of Enoch echos this in the sense that rather than destroy the mutated spirit energy of the Giants, he chose to keep them in the other dimension w lucifer and minions, again, to separate those who would follow Him with learned humility and wisdom, from those who choose a more self-oriented path.

John and Lou appear to me to be humble kind and cool dudes... but is their an energetic spirit of rebellion in them? Maybe. If so, we are back to distorted spirit energy.

Learned wisdom and humility requires a degree of sophistication--sort of like "turning the other cheek."

Something I have not always been good at myself.
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