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Message Subject John Lear may be wrong about Christ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Back to my bro Allegro,

have you read the history on Hannibal?

Have you read William Bramley's "Gods of Eden?"

History has been strongly manipulated and distorted. I would be very cautious about basing my whole philosophy on this type of info.

But you can find good stuff that illustrates this: Hannibal, for example, was guided by an "angel" and visions of a snake...

I was rather disappointed to find this out, as I always loved a good tactician and the battle of Cannae is one of the best battles ever fought, in terms of an out-numbered army defeating a superior force in a horrific yet eloquent manner...

now I suspect Hannibal was "guided" most of the time...

so we are back to "Sleeper" again...

I find the intense first-person stories of many of the links I have posted to be more like "boots on the ground" to this conjecture...

Check out Carolyn Hamlett, MArk Cleminson and especially, Roger Morneau for this.

There is some major deception going on. Are we so sure it is ET and not lucifer and the principalities talked about in the Bible?

Everyone on my list says it is the latter. No one says the former, only Lou.

You might ask yourself: Why does Mark Cleminson's father call him and say not to step out of the shadow of God or he will be killed?

We need to be spiritually smart and play by the rules. No one is saying stand under ETs shadow, yo...
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