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Message Subject John Lear may be wrong about Christ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
DISCERN--you rule! :) or rather Jesus Christ rules! but thanks!

When I was in college some crazy friends of mine who were avid hikers decided to go on a "mid-night hike" up one of the largest mountains in the Appallachians. It was the middle of January, subzero temps. and three feet or more of snow was on the ground.

They got me to go along with them, telling me it was going to be an easy hike. I saw them eating tons of pasta and they did offer me some, but I wasn't hungry. I didn't realize they were eating as prep for a very intense hike!

When we got there I realized what was going on, but for some reason I didn't bow out. I only had a cotton scarf for head gear and was wearing a vest and sweater. I was way underprepared!

The first 2 hours we were on cross-country skis, gradually going up, up , taking turns pushing through the deep snow.

Then we put on snow shoes for the actual ascent up pretty steep terrain.

I was in a bit of panic, but I did not have any options, now that we were in the middle of the woods in the middle of the night in subzero temps. It was sort of like deep sea diving and very dangerous. My friends were not the kind of dudes I could ask to go back with and by myself I wasn't even sure if I could make it back.

I remember just focusing on the next tree and then the next tree... just make it to the next tree, I would think, completely exhausted, my legs not wanting to move from weakness.

Suddenly, though I do not remember exactly when it happened, moving forward became effortless for me. Athletes call this "the wall," I think. I noticed the other dudes, who were in much better shape and preparedness than me, start to slow in the deep snow. I took the lead for the first time that night and maintained it right up the side of that mountain. In fact, so energetic was I that eventually I was ten minutes ahead of them all. At one point I lost my pole rock climbing up a pretty steep area and when they caught up to me I think I started to cool and get hypothermia--at least that is what they thought because they did not know I had broken through a wall and when I told them I felt great, just ten minuted from the top, we all turned back. I protested at first, but I had no idea what was happening to me--that such a state of energy existed that seemed so limitless.

Recently reading the prayer Jesus Christ teaches us to pray, "The Lord's Prayer," a prayer I used to say as a child at church without even thinking, I was struck the other day by the phrase: "Give us this day our daily bread.."

I suspect, that if we all learned to follow God's plan and design through Jesus Christ, rather than meditation or yoga, et al, which were designed to tune our bodies to Hindu "gods" and demons, God would provide everything for us, literally.

If you listen to Ken Peters prophesy or just read the new testament, these types of miracles were happening all the time. We have no idea what kind of power would unleash for all of humanity on earth if people practiced a true, Christ-centered walk and prayer to God.
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