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Message Subject John Lear may be wrong about Christ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Another good one to add the the list:

Youtube: Ancient Aliens Debunked (Full Movie)

The fun thing about the whole deception is how easy it becomes to spot and how quickly it often dissipates when the light of day hits it.

Why doesn't Zacharia Sitchin site his sources, for example? This should make anyone a bit skeptical.

The people perpetrating the deception often brazenly lie. The bigger the lie, repeated often enough, becomes a strange form of truth.

History is littered with these misinformants.

It is still a bit shocking how ignorant and/or deceptive History Channel has been... but I think the people perpetrating this consider it as "entertainment" and like me, when I was making street art, are just trying to "get up." They do not consider that there is a supernatural realm manipulating them and those above them who likely worship these entities.
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